Policies, Procedures, and Academic Honesty:
The mission of Bold Christian University (BCU) & United States Christian University (USCU) is to equip Christians to be followers & witnesses for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. All lessons have only one purpose: How can the Bible be used to lead someone to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to live a Christian life.
We are not affiliated with any church or denomination
We encourage our graduates to start free Christian evangelism institutions
We issue degrees to encourage Christians to be witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ
We do not issue degrees to help students get a job. BCU & USCU degrees are not meant to compete or take the place of traditional professional degrees from accredited colleges and universities
We do not mail degrees. We email degrees upon completion of all assignments for the level of Christian witnessing that the degree represents
Please read the Accrediting page for additional information
Lessons and emails must be in the English language
Students who do not include their student ID with lessons will have lesson returned ungraded
We are an online, computer division of The Ludwig Otto Organization and have no physical location other than this web site.
When a student does not complete a degree program and fails to communicate with us for 12 months, their incomplete course records are removed.
BCU does not accept credits or degrees from other institutions as substitutes for these requirements.
Academic dishonesty can result in being dismissed from all programs
Students who fail to submit the first lesson within 60 days after enrolling must re-enroll and receive both a new ID and course of instruction.
We only accept material in plain, easy to read black type on white (noncolor) background paper.
Lessons can be published to help others with their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Allow 10 days for responses to emails and lessons.
BCU & USCU are 100% free
Mail only one lesson at a time and wait for a response before mailing another lesson.
Continuous verses are considered as one verse