Doctor of Ministry Recent Graduates

 Dr. Ukwungwu Joshat Ndubisi, Nigeria; Dr. P. F. Obiyan, Lagos,  Nigeria
Dr. Emeka Anaka, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Faniyi Oluwashinaayo Paul, Ile Ife, Osun, Nigeria

Dr Manuel Shete Boluwatise, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

Policies, Procedures, and Academic Honesty: 

The mission of USCUis to equip Christians to be followers & witnesses for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. All lessons have only one purpose: How can the Bible be used to lead someone to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to live a Christian life.
We are not affiliated with any church, denomination, or college.
We encourage our graduates to start free Christian evangelism institutions
We issue degrees to encourage Christians to be witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ
We do not issue degrees to help students get a job. USCU degrees are not meant to compete or take the place of traditional professional degrees from accredited colleges and universities
USCU does not mail degrees. We email degrees upon completion of all assignments for the level of Christian witnessing that the degree represents
Please read the Accrediting page for additional information
USCU is not 100% free and solicts tuition from students
Mail only one lesson at a time and wait for a response before mailing another lesson.
Continuous verses are considered one verse for lesson requirements and grading.
Students who do not include their student ID with lessons will have lesson returned ungraded
USCU is an online, computer division of The Ludwig Otto Organization and has no physical location other than this web site.
When a student does not complete a degree program and fails to communicate with us for 12 months, their incomplete course records are removed.
USCU does accept credits or degrees from other institutions as substitutes for these requirements.
Academic dishonesty can result in being dismissed from all programs
Greetings in The Precious name of our LORD Jesus Christ;

This is Dr. Naeem Nasir, The Founder / President of Revelation Bible College in Pakistan and senior Pastor at Good Samaritan Church in Lahore, Pakistan.  The Great Commission is not a suggestion or request it is Command of JESUS CHRIST to all of us who believe in Jesus Christ and who believe in HIS WORD. We are all responsible to share The Gospel in all corners of The Word. HE is coming very soon and we need to prepare HIS Bride. The Gospel Mission Trip to Pakistan is a opportunity for People from different countries, who are ready to server God in mission fields to invest their time, qualification, skills, teaching, degrees and most importantly to invest their lives for the Kingdom of God and win souls for JESUS Christ. 

 There are so many missionaries and leaders who invested their lives for the kingdom of God in different parts of the World and people still remember them in the books of history because of their sacrifices to spread The Gospel.  Good Samaritan Ministries is giving a platform to people who are interested in mission to work here in Pakistan along with GSM Churches in Pakistan.  If you, or you know someone  or your graduates from your Bible College who have passion for mission work, You can go to this link for more information or send them this link.

Gospel Mission Trip :

 We Welcome you and let’s win souls for JESUS and invest your time to spread The Gospel in Pakistan. May The LORD richly bless you Your brother in Christ

Dr. Naeem Nasir